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Open and Free-flowing Communication

The belief system of Sethi Management is based upon the understanding that its stakeholders are entitled to receive “Open, Free Flowing Communication” for each and every activity and service that the Company sponsors and promotes.

Guest Satisfaction

All stakeholders value consistency in guest satisfaction, service delivery, and the quality of our product. Moreover, they view the importance of service excellence as a reflection of the condition of the business, the supporting business facilities, and the overall experience at the business. Sethi Management is therefore committed to assuring the satisfaction of all stakeholders of the business.

Associate Satisfaction

All associates value a stimulating and meaningful work environment. Sethi Management is committed to striving for associate satisfaction through the consistent enforcement of progressive human resource practices.

Fair Return on Corporate Investments and Growth

The belief system of Sethi Management is based, in part, upon the understanding that providing a fair rate of return to our investors (owners) is core to the success of its operations. Growth, both corporate and personal, includes growth in Revenue, ROI, number of rooms, locations, and also leads to personal growth.


Sethi Management believes in accountability for all of its stakeholders including associates, managers, vendors, and owners.

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